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自分にはどんな香水が合うのか? そもそも、どんな香りが自分の好みなのかさえわからない。なぜなら香水は高価で、気軽に試して検証することができないから。そんな悩みに応えようと生まれたのが、香水のサブスクリプションサービス、COLORIA(カラリア)です。香水を掌サイズのアトマイザーに小分けにすることで、気軽な値段で毎月さまざまな香水をお試しできるというわけです。



A Perfume Experience You Can Try Easily

What kind of perfume suits you? To begin with, you don't even know what kind of fragrance you like. This is because perfumes are expensive, and it is not easy to try them on. COLORIA, a perfume subscription service, was created to solve such problems for users. By putting a small amount of perfume in an atomizer, users can try out a variety of perfumes every month at a reasonable price.

Iwata Design Studio has been involved in the design of the service since before it was launched, and has produced all graphic tools, including the logo, item cards, image visuals on the website, and presentation materials.

Graphic Design: Iwata Kazunori

Client:High Link



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