HiLaRi カタログ



The Catalogue of HiLaRi

The only natural paint made from soil in the world

While ordinary paint is toxic from petroleum, HiLaRi is an organic paint that can be used safely by professional builders and children.It was developed by Hans Willi Babka, one of the founding members of the German Greens, with the idea that it is not only made from natural materials, but does not endanger everyone involved, from the production of paint to its disposal.In addition to the calm texture, this paint has high potential as a natural material, such as the high moisture absorption and desorption power of soil and the deodorizing power.
The design of the catalog is based on canvas on both the front and back, and is drawn with this natural paint.This catalog has a clear line, from a double-page spread with photos to paint features, birth stories, and technical specifications. Iwata Design Studio handles everything from design to composition, photography, and writing.

Design: Iwata Kazunori
Photo: Iwata Kazunori, etc.
Text: Sakai Yoichiro, Iwata Kazunori
Client: KS AG