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Textbooks of Italian Wine

Textbooks for entertainment

Twelve Italian textbooks on Italian wine. I am editing and designing. The first theme is to create textbooks that everyone can enjoy while learning. The second theme is to make it possible for anyone to experience the local culture and culture of Italy. By using a lot of photographs taken from the local area and illustrations, we are making it possible for everyone to experience and learn the intricate knowledge of Italian wine.
Black and white photographs are generally unsuitable for mass consumption, but I intentionally use them, including the main visual on the cover. This is because the beauty of photography is fully expressed in black and white (light and shade), but if such an essence is hard to consume, it is durable because it is not consumed. On the other hand, the title changes colorfully in each issue, and it is designed to be one consistent collection when all 12 series are accumulated. We also make binders so that our readers can enjoy these collections.

Design: Iwata Kazunori

Illustration: Iwata Kazunori
Client: Vino Hayashi


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