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Cinema de Aeru

Creating a post-disaster cultural hub.

Following the closure of Miyako CINEMARINE, a legendary movie theater in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, local residents took the lead in launching a new community theater, Cinema de Aeru, in December 2016. The renovated Edo period sake brewery, commonly known as Azumaya, was transformed into a local cultural center with film screenings as one of its main features.

We participated in this project as a designer, creating the logo and various design tools such as program posters, flyers, and booklets. The logo focuses on the smallest unit of the community, the family, and covers the family crest. Among family crests, we arranged the "榺(chigiri) crest," which has existed since ancient times as a symbol of connecting people to each other and of connecting pieces of wood and stones with kasugai, to create a new symbol for the creation of a new community.

​Design : Kazunori Iwata

Client : Cinema de Aeru Project


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