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Restaurant DARIN

Creating a Base for Local Food Culture to Circulate

Japan's agricultural business is facing difficult times, pushed by cheap imported foodstuffs. Farmers are closing their businesses one after another, and the domestic food self-sufficiency rate continues to decline. In the near future, Japanese people may not be able to eat decent foodstuffs. On the other hand, in this society where everything is subject to consumption and distribution, there is the problem of massive waste of foodstuffs.

This restaurant will receive food produced by local farmers, not imported food. In addition to serving food at this restaurant, the project will expand to disaster preparedness meals, children's cafeterias, and school lunches. Let's circulate food culture in the community and create a restaurant that will serve as a base for it. This is Restaurant DARIN(rudder wheel). As the name implies, the restaurant is meant to steer the times, including the local food scene.

Iwata Design Studio created the presentation materials for the concept of launching the restaurant, designed the logo, and produced all the other graphic tools.

Graphic Design: Iwata Kazunori

Photo: Iwata Kazunori

Interior Design: Namba Takayuki (SANSUI-SHA)

Client: Gohan Create



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