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麺 ふじさき



Men Fujisaki

Ramen made with chicken, water, and fresh soy sauce

Mr. Fujisaki, who trained at the famous Funabashi ramen restaurant "Tomonomoto", opened his own ramen restaurant in Kameido in 2022. The noodles are homemade, and the soup is made of chicken, water, and fresh soy sauce. He uses the best ingredients in the simplest possible way to create ramen that brings out the best of the ingredients' flavors.

Iwata Design Studio created the logo design. The design is an oval shaped seal with the wheat from the homemade noodles, the chicken, the drop of soy sauce, and the curved line of the noodle.

Graphic Design: Iwata Kazunori

Photo: Iwata Kazunori

Interior Design: Namba Takayuki (SANSUI-SHA)

Client: Saimens


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