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Gyokai Nonobu : Web Design

Let's know what delicious food is supported by.

As the food and beverage industry is being streamlined and standardized, the seafood tavern “Gyokai Nonobu" located in Koenji is visited by the owner, who is a cook, every morning at the market.
And he looks at the ingredients with his own eyes and selects them. Today, fewer cooks go to the market every day. And he uses his skills to cook the ingredients. Food culture has the reality of killing. We now do not have the opportunity to be aware of such reality. I focused on the essence of food culture and produced a website.


Mr. Tsuchida of "Gyokai Nonobu" goes to Tsukiji and Toyosu every morning, and purchases ingredients. The business culture of food culture, which has been accelerating in recent decades, has reduced the phenomenon of cooks attending the market. As a result, the price of dishes that did not meet the quality of ingredients expanded, and the phenomenon of the same fish lined up no matter where we went to.
The cook goes to the market. The thought of "Gyokai Nonobu" is summarized at this point. In order to create this web site, I went to his market visit, interviewed, photographed, conceptualized, and wrote articles.
From the market to the kitchen. The reality there is the vividness of killing lives. Only the customers can receive the result of their lives killed only by their motive to eat delicious food without passing through such vivid reality. I am creating a website to bring out the underlying structure that supports delicious food.

Design : Iwata Kazunori

Photo : Iwata Kazunori

Text : Iwata Kazunori

Client : Gyokai Nonobu


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