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芸術はこの世界に何ら有用性をもたないものなのだろうか? それは単なる慰みごとや余暇に過ぎないのだろうか? そのようなわけがない。生命も遺伝子も時間も道徳も、あらゆるものが資本経済というお金のシステムに回収されゆくなか、そうした社会の歪みに対し、世界と人間の真の現実を示すことによって批評性を持ち得てきたのが芸術だ。しかしその芸術もまた、資本の世界に還元されようとしている。



Hayashi Hiroyasu : Web Design

How do we show the power of unaffected photos?

Is art not something useful in this world? Is it only a useless comfort for humans? There is no such thing. Now that everything can be reduced to money and valued with money on the principle of capital, we are now trying to position the power of art, the power of artists as a guide to society, in this world again. There are many things that must be done.

The website was created with the aim of showing the power of the art. Hiroyasu Hayashi, who merely captures the reality itself, and the meaning of the human being that such works have. The site design has also been configured with no affectation.


A series of photographs "Straight Flash" that captures the appearance of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa in a state where humans, plants, and things are completely integrated. Hayashi takes a snapshot of the moment when his intention can't reach. The movements of the chaotic people and the world seem brilliant, while they are debilitating and die, and after going through the funeral of a man, people and plants will make their lives again in everyday life.

“18th Avenue” captures the appearance of a snack town that is declining with the passage of time, and "Ishigaki" is a collection of works that became the starting point of his photo series on Ishigaki Island. . All of them are summarized as expressions, with a wide range of thought about how to understand this world. A group of photo worlds that have taken away all the affectation. The web design is also summarized in the usual gothic font, achromatic color scheme, a grid layout that can be superimposed lightly, and a design that leaves only the framework.

Design : Iwata Kazunori

Client : Hayashi Hiroyasu


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