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I Love Pasta!

Not just delicious.

It is said that one out of three Japanese people eat pasta at least once a week. Pasta is now an everyday food in Japan. However, despite its widespread popularity, not much is known about what pasta really is.
Pasta as a local dish in Italy has developed with various characteristics in each region. There are probably many types of pasta that are not readily available in Japan. "I love pasta!" is a project in which restaurant chefs deliver such pasta along with pasta sauce made in their own kitchens. In addition, we will provide the most detailed textbook on pasta in Japan. This is not a consumption project that ends with eating delicious food, but rather a project to help people understand how many people and cultures are involved in the world of food, and the connections between them.
I am in total charge of the composition, design, editing, interviewing, photography, and writing of this textbook.


Advisor: Koike Noriyuki (Osteria dello Scudo)
Pasta Sauce Producer: Sato Takayuki (Magicamente)
Pasta Producer: 田中製麺, 富士麺ず工房
Pairing Advisor: Wakahara Miki
Editorial & Graphic Design: Iwata Kazunori
Photo: Iwata Kazunori, etc.
Illustration: Iwata Kazunori
Director: Otsuka Hideki (Vino Hayashi)
Client: Vino Hayashi



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