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古木をテーマにしたWebと冊子「koboku 通信」を創刊し、編集長として企画から取材、撮影、執筆、ロゴデザインまでトータルに担当。ライフスタイルの変化に伴い、古民家の建材である古木が捨てられてゆくなか、古木が象徴するものの考え方を再発見し、次の時代へ繋げようという意図を持っています。失われた大工の手仕事の痕跡を追い、自然と折り合いをつけて暮らしてきた昔の人の記憶を掘り起こした記事もあれば、エコロジーを主題にした記事、暮らしの哲学を主題にした記事、食文化の根っこである農業の問題を取り上げた記事もあります。

Koboku Tsushin

Rediscovering the idea of what old wood symbolizes

I have served as editor-in-chief of "Koboku Tsushin," a web and print magazine on the theme of old timber, since its first issue, and have been in total charge of planning, interviewing, photographing, writing, and logo design. As lifestyles change and old timbers, the building materials of traditional Japanese houses, are being discarded, I have the intention of rediscovering the ideas and values that old timbers symbolize and connecting them to the next generation. Some articles follow the traces of lost carpenters' handiwork, and dig up memories of people in the past who lived in harmony with nature, while others focus on ecology, philosophy of living, and agricultural issues that are the root of our food culture.

Design : Kazunori Iwata

Writer : Kazunori Iwata, Kenta Kobayashi, Makiko Yamakami, Kanako Sakai, Kazuo Tojo, etc.

Photo : Kazunori Iwata, Kanako Sakai, etc.

Client : Sansui-sha



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