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Kubota Kago : Postcard Design

I would like to expand the excellence of Peasant Art the world more.

A series of postcards from the exhibition by Kubota Kagu in Yoro-cho, Gifu Prefecture. It is a woodworking furniture workshop by Tsuyoshi Kubota, a representative author of Peasant Art in Japan, and his son, Yoshihiro Kubota.
Peasant Art, which farmers have created in their lives, has the practical side that supports their lives, and the spirit of freedom and love of the creator, which is created to the end. There are human truths about life, and the relationship between people and things. However, although Peasant Art can be delivered to a limited world, such as local people and friends, unlike industrial products, it does not spread easily to the outside world. Can we let people know more about the world of Peasant Art?
For this subject, I chose the graphic design of the postcard as a new image by selecting a theoretical and industrial style rather than an organic style such as "craftsman, people's life". 


例えば、子どもの視点で語られる展示タイトル「ぼくのいす パパのいす ママのいす」の題字は、よくある、大人が子どもの筆致を装って作った子ども風の文字ではなく、実際に7歳の子どもに発注した手書きの文字。ショールーム20周年記念展では、歳月を重ね黄ばんでゆく紙の美しさを印刷結果を予測しながらデザイン。と、ちょっとしたエスプリを、それぞれの展示テーマに合わせて混ぜ込んでいます。

Every time, while changing the taste of the design, I create it to become a taste of one series if you browse.
For example, The title of “My Chair, Daddy's Chair, Mommy's Chair” is not designed as a child-like character that adults have written as if it were a child's brushstroke, but it is designed with handwritten characters actually ordered by a 7-year-old child. At the 20th anniversary exhibition of the kubota kagu showroom, we design the beauty of paper that ages over time, predicting print results. Such a small amount of Esprit is reflected in each postcard according to each exhibition theme.

Design : Iwata Kazunori

Client : Kubota Kagu


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