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AnimA la tua osteria



AnimA la tua osteria

What should be a restaurant?

AnimA is Italian restaurant in Omotesando, Tokyo. The 1st floor is a standing bar, the 2nd floor is Baccaro, the 3rd floor is a trattoria, the 4th floor is a wine shop, and it is a single-house restaurant where the concept changes from floor to floor. We produce all graphic design, including logos, cards, envelopes, DM, and website.
AnimA means soul and heart in Italian. The ingredients are organic, and many of them are imported directly from Italy. Usually, liquor in a restaurant is several times the price of a liquor store, but AnimA offers an idea that “the wine is produced not by the restaurant but by the winery” and by directly importing wine and liquor themselves, they offer them at prices close to liquor stores. Through these efforts, AnimA is appealing for the ideal restaurant.

Design : Kazunori Iwata
Photo : Kazunori Iwata
Client : Biologico


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