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People of Miyako

Fieldwork on Daily Life by Japanese and Chinese Students

Iwata Design Studio has compiled the fieldwork conducted by students from Nanjing University and the University of Tokyo in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, into a booklet and website. The students themselves wrote articles about the lives of the people living in Miyako and the charm of the land. The content is compiled with people as the main characters, highlighting both the people interviewed and the people who were interviewed.

The key visual is an illustration of Miyako people drawn by Joji Hayashi. The design is based on a dotted line drawing the paths of the students doing fieldwork and connecting the illustrations of Miyako people. The title letters of each chapter are also handwritten, giving the overall design an organic taste.

Graphic Design: Iwata Kazunori

Illustration: Hayashi Joji

Client: The University of Tokyo


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