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Iyokan Sake “Numa Shibori”

For inheriting Setouchi agriculture to the next generation

Iyokan that is Japanese traditional citrus have been cultivated since 1888. Although it is fragrant and rich in flavor, its outer skin is hard and hard to peel off, so its production is steadily decreasing.
Inoue Orchard in Imabari City is cultivating fruits such as Iyokan with no pesticides, reintroducing the abandoned farmland due to reduced consumption of citrus, and working on accepting new farmers.
Inoue Orchard's Iyokan was made into a juice that has not only sweetness but also bitterness by a unique manufacturing method. This liqueur “Numa Shibori” was completed by mixing it with pure rice sake.
“Numa” is the old name of Imabari. We hope to inherit Setouchi's agriculture to the future with a name that symbolizes the spirit of the land.
The label is designed to spill fruit juice. The color of Iyokan appears on a black background.

Design: Iwata Kazunori
Photo: Iwata Kazunori
Copywriting: Tamio Arisaka
Client: Cumbrains


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