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Gekkan DOCG : Editorial Design

How to convey the charm of a wine rooted in the land?

The tastes of Italy's diverse wines are closely linked to the climate and history of each land. And in each production area, there are many figures of producers who consider wine making as an expression of the land where they live. How can we not only deliver wine as a product of consumption, but also the attractiveness of wine and the culture of wine arising from the relationship with such land and history?

In response to such issues, what started in March 2019 is the monthly purchase plan “Gekkan DOCG" by the wine importer Vino Hayashi. With the theme of "travel", create a magazine in which the world of wine is physically transmitted, and then send it along with the wine, and communicate it including the culture of the area. The Iwata Design Studio is engaged in a series of designs related to planning, such as designs of magazines, a exclusive binder and a collection booklet of wine labels.


The magazine consists of the first 13 pages of photographs. From there, we will focus on the history of the land and the philosophy of the wine producers, and will be further elaborated on the wines born there. 
The photographs are placed large on the side of the magazine, and the letter sets are made simple by utilizing the margins, so that you can experience the local atmosphere visually. It feels like traveling around the country, and you can learn about wine as you go around the page.
The label collection booklet, a binder exclusively for this magazine, is colored in a bright red, and gives visual impact.

Design : Iwata Kazunori

Illustration: Iwata Kazunori
Writing : Tsuruoka Megumi
Photo : Komatsu Yuji

Essai : Miyajima Isao, Suzuki Ken’ichiro
Client : Vino Hayashi


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