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EN FACE|ロゴデザイン


東京人形町にあるフレンチビストロ「EN FACE(アンファス)」。フランス語で「向き合って」を意味するその店名の通り、長さ5.7mという大きなカウンターテーブルを挟み、料理人とお客さんがフラットな関係で食事を楽しむお店です。

EN FACE: Logo Design

Logo that changes shape according to time and space.

French bistro “EN FACE” in Ningyo-cho, Tokyo. This name means “face to face” in French. With a large counter table of 5.7m in length, customers can face the chef and enjoy a meal in a relaxed atmosphere.
The logo is designed with the motif of the counter table, a symbol of this bistro. In order to create a variety of time and space for customers and dishes, the table squares will be developed in various shapes depending on the purpose of the logo.

Logo Design: Iwata Kazunori
Interior Design: Namba Takayuki
Photo: Iwata Kazunori
Client: EN FACE


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