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ジオの旅 南伊豆


日本で唯一、フィリピン海プレートの上にあり、海底火山を由来とする奇岩奇勝によりユネスコの世界ジオパークに認定されている伊豆半島。その最南端に位置する静岡県南伊豆町を舞台に「地質(ジオ)」というテーマを据え、そこから派生する土地の暮らしと歴史を体験するツアー企画が「ジオの旅 南伊豆」です。

Geological Tour Minamiizu

Let's make a future tour

The Izu peninsula is the only one in Japan on the Philippine Sea plate, and it is recognized as a World Geopark by UNESCO for its landscape created by submarine volcanoes. The southernmost point is Minamiizu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture. This is a tour to experience life and history on the theme of geology.
I work with local geo guides to design logos, flyers, promotional visual designs, photography, tour titles, concept designs, and more.

On the road, participants sometimes fish themselves and start a fire for their dinner. They practice the base of life that people need to live. It is not a tour that provides all services, but is designed as a tour where participants can think and experience themselves and share the feelings of people living in Minamiizu.
The logo expresses the shape of a rock raised from the sea surface. The history that has progressed from the sea to the land is expressed by gradation from the color of the sea to the color of the land.

Design: Iwata Kazunori
Photo: Iwata Kazunori
Client: Cumbrains, Minamiizu Town​


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