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株式会社五番煎じ ロゴと名刺





Goban senji / Logo & Business Card

Bad logo and unnecessarily elaborate business card

The second decoction is still a high-class category, and the fifth decoction that appears at the bottom of the rush. It's no longer tea.  It is a sloppy hot water.
The character "五" is not uniform in line thickness and curve finish. The outer border on the upper right has been blown away due to a design failure. The letter "番" was just made by fitting it into the grid. This does not make the creator feel motivated. The word "煎" is even worse. The same easy technique as "番" has been diverted again, and the design has been cleaned up. "じ" is no longer created by designers. It's a kindergarten graffiti. 
In the end, the arrangement of these four letters was not arranged, and as a result, the childishness, stupidity, ease of use, lack of skill, etc. in the design were designed as a logo.
The business card is designed with the number "5" on the front and the Chinese numeral "五(5)" on the back as a white background. And this is a luxurious finish that uses a total of 4 editions on the front and back on thick high-quality cotton paper.

Design: Iwata Kazunori
Client: Goban senji Co., Ltd.


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