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HiLaRiのパッケージデザインをはじめ、パッケージロゴ、カタログ、封筒、名刺など諸々のデザインツールを岩田デザイン事務所が制作しています。パッケージやカタログ、封筒自体を塗料のキャンバスと見立て、その全面をHiLaRiの塗料で手描きでデザインしています。HiLaRi For Lifestyleのパッケージロゴもまた、「子どもが直に手で触れられるペンキ」というメッセージを、D.I.Y.を思わせる手描きのスタイルで表現しています。



The world's only natural paint made from soil

While ordinary paints are made from petroleum and are toxic, HiLaRi is an organic paint that is safe to use for everyone from professional builders to children. It was developed by Hans Willi Babka, one of the founding members of the German Green Party, based on the idea of not only making products from natural materials but also not endangering all people involved, from production to disposal. In addition to its calm texture, this paint has high potential as a natural material, with the high moisture absorption and desorption properties of soil and deodorizing properties.
Iwata Design Studio created the HiLaRi package design, package logo, catalog, envelopes, business cards, and various other design tools. The HiLaRi For Lifestyle package logo also expresses the message of "paint that children can touch directly with their hands" in a D.I.Y.-style hand-drawn design.


Design: Iwata Kazunori
Photo: Iwata Kazunori, etc.
Text: Sakai Yoichiro, Iwata Kazunori
Client: KS AG


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