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生ヨーグルトのお酒 はごろも


アジアのパッケージデザイン賞、TOPAWARDS ASIA 受賞。


Raw Yogurt Liqueur HAGOROMO

A History of dairy farming that began in the virgin land

Tone River basin in Ibaraki prefecture. This area was settled by people who returned from Manchuria after World War II. They returned home but had no place to return. The land they could live in was a riverbed that no one wanted to live in. So they cultivated the land from scratch and made a living.
In September 1946, returnees from Manchuria landed at Sasebo Port. Less than half of those returnees were able to step on the soil of their homeland again. The following month, in the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, the people who later set up the Oyashima Pioneer Agricultural Cooperative settled in the Tone River basin and started farming and dairy farming.It was in 1990 that they were able to repay a large amount of debt by creating land from scratch in the new world while experiencing the devastating damage caused by the typhoon and the crisis of leaving farming. Forty-five years have already passed since the end of the war. It has been 36 years since the government declared that it was "no longer postwar."
The milk processing facility they founded is "Milk Kobo Moriya".They made this raw yogurt liqueur "Hagoromo" in collaboration with Tanaka Sake Brewery, which was founded 400 years ago in the same Ibaraki prefecture. We designed everything from labels to strings, hanging paper, and cap stickers in white. The white of raw yogurt liquor, which means the history of cultivating the land from scratch and creating a life. We are designing such "white" beauty.
The design won the TOPAWARDS ASIA, an Asian package design award.


Design: Iwata Kazunori

Client: Milk Kobo Moriya


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