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Kizawa Memorial Hospital Recruitment Web Site

Inspire more people by showing medical reality.

There are certainly great social responsibilities for doctors. This profession can be said that it is a profession that encourages one person to live in a strong will as a public existence, beyond being a small individual. For this reason, I think a great amount of professionalism is born in medical people.
In the renewal of this website, I rejected expressions that tend to have a smiling atmosphere and clean image, which are often found in the medical world. And I chose documentary style as a new way of expression. Because, just showing the world of professional doctors as it is should be an expression that reaches the emotions of more people. In the interview article, I make minimal edits and transcribe the person's speaking language as is. The shooting is a snap shot of the actual reality in the hospital, including the operating room, without requiring anyone to pose. In addition, I made some images of "doctor's arm and medical equipment" as key visuals, expressing the determination, passion and professionalism as a medical person.

Design: Iwata Kazunori
Photo: Iwata Kazunori
Client: Kizawa memorial hospital


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